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Introducing team Solar Wheels

september 26, 2011

Hello, thank you for your interest in our project. We are a team of 4 industrial design students at the The Hague university, Tim Baars, Jacob de Boer, Pieter Tortolero and Robin Vellekoop. For a school project ZininZelfdoen came to us to work together on ‘the Solar Rider’. We are looking forward to work with them and everyone on the open source. Together we will make this idea reality and try to get the product on the road. We hope to get loads of reactions and suggestions. We’re open for any tips and tricks. Our vision is to create a vehicle that one asks for, something for everyone. Sustainability, accessibility, innovation and enjoyment are our key points, that’s where we strive for in our design. We will update a blog every two weeks so you can stay up to date and read the progresses we made or struggles we’ve run into. Hope you’ll enjoy following this project.

Greetz team Solar Wheels

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  1. oktober 14, 2011 1:53 pm

    Curious about your progress!
    What is your plan of attack?

  2. Anoniem permalink
    november 22, 2011 1:38 pm

    Hey Herman,

    We need to focus on what kind of vehicle we are going to develop. What’s already on the market, and what are the utilities.
    How and why do people use transportation. What do they like and dislike about the current public transportation facilities.
    For our design we have devided the vehicle in parts and focus on each part separately. Like steering, brakes, engine, suspension, framework etc. Combining these elements we wil come to a complete design.
    We are going to use primarily stock parts and only the frame will be self made. Finding the right components and combining them into a working model.
    We want to create a scenario that is characteristic for the majority of the society. With that scenario we can make an acceptable business model.
    The idea is that we make a start-up for this business model and product and leave a design trail online (open source) so that anyone who is interested can subscribe and contribute to the development. So eventualy there will be an optimized product with perfected business plan.

    You can follow our progress on Sustentables, see link below:


    Pieter Tortolero

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